H to He (I'm turning into a man) - Face to Face Festival 2018

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H to He (I'm turning into a man)

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Inspired by Kafka`s Metamorphosis H to He adds new twists in the maze of gender identity and sexuality ...  One morning a woman wakes up to discover she is turning into a man.

"And that`s the cunning twist Claire Dowie uses
to explore not just aspects of female ageing,
but also gender identity and sexuality.
Before our eyes she morphs from defiantly
mini-skirted swinger to trousered geezer with
grotty hygiene, sloppy habits and lecherous urges."

"a heady mix of monologue stand up comedy and cabaret
- think Alan Bennett`s Talking Heads crossed with Victoria
Wood and you`re only partly there."

"as she peels away the fake femininity her own unspecified
gender takes shape - discomfiting as well as enlightening viewing"

"an original piece of theatre: challenging, uncomfortable, funny, shocking even, and entertaining along the way"

Reviews from The Herald, Rainbow Network and Time Out

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