The Singing Psychic - Face to Face Festival 2018

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The Singing Psychic

Saturday 18 February 6.30pm

‘Completely Bonkers (in a good way)’
***** London Theatre 1

‘She certainly knows how to entertain’
****  Three Weeks

‘Delivering unexpected quips that are laugh out loud and wonderful fun…no matter what is thrown at her’ **** Grumpy Gay Critic

‘Ultimately whether you believe in her abilities or not she proves herself an incredibly capable performer with a twinkle in her eye and songs through her head and heart’ **** Female Arts

“I overheard people saying  .. “You’ve got to see the psychic .. she is brilliant!” … and as a result there was always a queue”
Alice Hodge, The Art of Dining

A Younger Theatre Review

I’ve seen some pretty unusual things at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, but I don’t think I’ve seen a show as unusual as The Singing Psychic. Yes, you read that correctly – Marysia Trembecka is a psychic that sings, and not just random songs either, but the songs in your heart. I have to admit, I was very sceptical when I read about this show, but curiosity got the better of me and I had to come and check her out.

All Trembecka’s ever wanted to do is sing and read the hearts of her audiences, and she’s supposedly been doing it since she was a child. Now, in her show The Singing Psychic, that’s exactly what she does. She intersperses the narrative of her own life with moments of audience interaction – for instance asking when your birthday is and singing a song from the time. She then makes deductions about you as a person and your life, and sometimes she’s actually pretty accurate…

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural stuff, there’s no denying that
Trembecka has a great voice and an engaging presence about her. Stepping into the small underground room beneath The Street pub, you begin to feel safe in the knowledge that she’ll look after you during the time you spend with her. Her show is full of nothing but good vibes that will leave you laughing long after you have climbed out of The Street’s basement.

“No one sings those (cabaret) songs like you do” Jeff Beck

The Singing Psychic is both a sell out live show and an online channel, with videos from her webseries, satirical commentary and one off specials. She reads the music in people’s hearts, from the songs that were in the ‘air’ when they were in the womb to what she hears now from their hearts to help clarify their life and relationship issues.

She performed at the Brit Awards Official Afterparty at the 02 in February 2016, did private readings at Cannes Film Festival 2016 and shows in Prague Fringe Festival and at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

Her current SONGS OF BREXIT webseries is being shown exclusively on Daily motion

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